Specialty Products

DFS Premium Feed Supplements sells and delivers specialty bagged feed products. The products we sell are: Premium Calf Milk Replacer, Energy Boosting Fats, and Salt and Sodium Bicarb.

Our Premium Calf Milk Replacer is manufactured by Esmilco Inc. It is very high quality, using only food grade ingredients. We have formulations specialized for Jerseys and more. For more information from the manufacturer click here: http://www.esmilco.com/

Energy Boosting Fats are created to provide extra energy to hard working dairy cows, practically they are vital to keep the energy balance of a dairy cow in line, so she can breed back in a timely manner and stay healthy despite very high milk production and weather circumstances. For more information check: http://www.oleofinos.com.mx/ing/lacteos-quesos-aceite-palma.php

Salt and Sodium Bicarb are standard additives for dairy cows to keep them healthy and keep them functioning properly.