Who we are

DFS is a family owned company based in Dublin, Texas. It is a multifaceted company that operates over a wide range of products and services to cater to the needs of dairies, farmers, and municipalities. Our services and products are currently available in a five state area in the south central region.

Durk’s Farm Services has twenty years of providing a wide range of services and products, primarily to dairymen, but recently expanding to other agribusinesses and municipalities.

DFS Premium Feed Supplements is a specialized part of the services providing quality bulk feed, primarily corn, cottonseed, and by-products, as well as bagged supplements.

What we do

  • Durk’s Farm Services
    • Agriculture Lagoon/Pond Cleaning (more)
    • Municipal Wastewater Pond Remediation (more)
    • Farming and Harvesting (more)
  • DFS Premium Feed Supplements
    • Bulk Feed Sales (more)
    • Specialty Products (more)
      • Premium Calf Milk Replacer
      • Energy Boosting Fats
      • Salt and Sodium Bicarb

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